The Robotory sponsored by: NewBotic Corporation

The Robotory and its mission was conceptualized in 2012 by Craig Doherty, a skilled engineer who possesses over 20 years of leadership, project management, and research. His technical talents highlight areas of engineering systems design and maintenance for projects related to the automotive, semiconductor, forensic, polymer, pharmaceutical, biological, biomedical, and agricultural industries.

As Doherty was attempting to hire experienced automation engineers, it became apparent there is a shortage of engineering professionals trained in the detailed mechanics of robotics. After assembling a team of trainers, he recognized the overwhelming challenges of attempting to obtain content changes to traditional style engineering programs. So, the team embarked on creating the Robotory training initiative to provide well trained engineers to NewBotic Corporation in automation and robotic excellence …

Enter The Robotory:

The professionals of NewBotic offer a Robotory program of automation and robotic training modules for specific industrial applications, which lead to matching customers with properly trained NewBotic engineers; thus, increasing our workforce capabilities of erudite full-time professionals that work at our customer sites. The strategy is simple: to engage engineering professionals that assist in the project management and designs of clients projects. These engineers then acquire practical culture, values, and factory process experience of our clients application while designing it into their robotic and automation solutions.

Our engineering professionals are able to integrate the practical design concept into our clients current business models and systems. We match industry customers with well trained NewBotic engineers for on-site synergy. The Robotory is a movement through education and "application design" for the novel and substantive enhancement of our engineers who's career path in robotics and automation require top notch skills.

The Dragon Club: For young engineers 

The Dragon Club is one example of the Robotory practice of "Collective Intelligence" (CI) for young engineers. This club is composed of engineering students from a variety of educational institutions, who collaborate using self-organization and self-directed work teams. Through CI, students derive the most dynamic solutions to manufacturing production challenges in the work world. Dragon Club members gain premiere industry access, create scalable knowledge transfer, learn to analyze and design automation and robotics systems, train "on-site" through project management, and add to their professional skills set with the ultimate goal of securing job placement with NewBotic or one of the business clients they helped. Succinctly, the Robotory and Dragon Club models merge: to obtain business profit through project management, while training and qualifying robotics engineers for hire. We look forward to working with you!