Robotory Program: Executive Summary - "Theory, Practice, Create" - Sponsored by NewBotic

We provide customers with the right NewBotic engineers by maintaining a workforce of erudite full-time professionals. This helps us increase and retain the number of robotic engineers to our current and future talent pool. The Robotory, sponsored by NewBotic, qualifies professional engineers who seek careers in robotics, but have not receive the detailed training required to become a skilled robotics and automation engineer.

The Robotory offers "pre-training" service to engineering professionals so they can integrate their skills and knowledge into current business robotic projects and automation systems. We match industry customers with the right NewBotic engineer, thus providing customers with a workforce of erudite professionals who can quickly transition an act as our clients on-site robotics and process engineers for their projects. This continual pre and post-qualification service bolsters the number of skilled engineers in the current and future workforce at NewBotic. The Robotory fosters a movement through education and "certification design" for the novel and substantive training of professional engineers who want careers in robotics, but need to receive detailed training required to be a qualified robotic and automation engineer. The Robotory is not an alternative to years of experience – it’s a high-level enhancement training component – value added. Succinctly, to address the shortage of robotics engineers that already exists in today's workforce and works to improves their skill sets.

The NewBotic leadership team recognized the need for highly skilled young engineers for the robotics and automation industry. The Dragon Club is one example of the Robotory-practiced strategy of "Collective Intelligence" (CI) for these young engineers. This club is composed of engineering students from a variety of educational institutions, who collaborate using self-organization and self-directed work teams. The CI students derive the most dynamic solutions to manufacturing production challenges in the industry work world. The Dragon Club student engineers gain a co-curricular work environment to create scalable knowledge transfer, learn to analyze and design automation and robotics systems, train "on-site" at the Robotory with professional engineers through project management, and add to their professional skill set with the ultimate goal of securing job placement at NewBotic or one of the business clients we contracted with. Succinctly, the Robotory and Dragon Club models merge: to obtain business profit through project management, while training and qualifying robotic engineers in robotics and automation for the transition into NewBotic Corporation.

Both business professionals and academicians recognize the need for finding and developing new engineering talent, especially in the areas of automation and robotics. A literature review highlighting the lack of high school and college students in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) programs, details the extreme need for engineering personnel in the workforce. The Dragon Club uses the student engineering workforce in project management, train them in the automation and robotics areas, and promote a new area for the exploration of quality careers. Succinctly, it doesn't matter that a student did not graduate with an automation or robotics-specific degree, the CI philosophy of The Robotory will supply the training and, eventual, placement of its "Dragons" providing long-term support and the beginning of a lifelong relationship with our customers.

Another edge to the Robotory service strategy will be a "qualification" program. The principals of NewBotic value the academic training process; however, they also comprehend the feat it would be to change the curricula of existing degree-granting engineering programs nationwide with a uniform curriculum specific to robotics engineering. Therefore, potentially working with notable industry associations, The Robotory will create a set of qualification modules, focusing on the knowledge and skill sets used at the customer and vendor facilities engaged by NewBotic. This dynamic qualification offering will serve to keep NewBotic highly-trained engineers available for contract, while increasing the workforce of automation and robotics engineers for NewBotic and our clients.


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