Dragon Club LogoVision: To collaborate with educational institutions, associations, industry partners, and suppliers to develop a professional robotic industry education program for students that is designed to increase the quality of young engineers using Collective Intelligence (CI) Methodology.

Mission: Improving the quality of young engineers using Collective Intelligence (CI) as the methodology (Theory) and robotic systems integration as the engine (Practice). Harnessing the power of the people using robots as the engine to increase human value.

Values: A professional change to increase knowledge transfer from the grass roots level with minimal capital using Collective Intelligence Methodology to design and build a collaborative educational system for the robotic industry. To give every student a chance to create their own destiny by providing a hands-on platform to springboard off.

Definition: The CI Dragon Club is a diverse culture composed of many engineers from robotic educational institutions that coordinate using self-organization, focused on the collective behaviors that result from the interactions of the individuals with each other and within the robotic environment. Components include but not limited to:

  • Many individuals
  • Human interaction
  • Homogeneous
  • Simple behavior
  • Self-organizes
  • Systems thinking
  • Uses interoperable technology to stay connected 24/7

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