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    Robotics Grow “Only about 10% of the US companies that could benefit from robots have installed any so far. A very large segment of small and medium sized companies are just now beginning to seriously investigate robotics.”
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Robotics, Automation, and Engineering Systems Integration

NewBotic Corporation is an American robotic systems integrator best known for its specialized engineering services that designs advanced transformative manufacturing and warehousing processes for a wide variety of industries. Engineers at NewBotic think of automation concepts and turn them into reality by working with vendors and customers to create innovative and cost effective solutions to advance our customer's operations. Working collectively is embedded in our culture and is a core value of the organization. Our primary division focuses on developing hardware and software for SMART manufacturing, while our secondary division focuses on 3D Printing and Laboratory Automation Systems. 

Systems integrators generally have to be good at matching customers’ needs with existing products. An inductive reasoning aptitude is useful for quickly understanding how to operate a system. A systems integrator will tend to benefit from being a generalist, knowing a little bit about a large number of products. Systems integration includes a substantial amount of diagnostic and troubleshooting work with the ability to research existing products and software components. System Integrators in the automation industry typically provide the product and application experience in implementing complex automation solutions. Often, System Integrators are aligned with automation vendors joining various products, resources and technical support. System integrators are tightly linked to their accounts and often are viewed as the engineering departments for small manufacturers, handling their automation system installation, commissioning and long term maintenance.

Robotic & automation system integrators are essentially contract engineering firms that can design and implement automated production facilities for end users lacking the resources to do the job themselves. System integrators bring specialized engineering skills to automation projects and can supplement the end user's often-understaffed engineering department. Moreover, a system integrator is an organization or individual that is responsible for specifying, installing, designing and maintaining the automation functionality. Responsibility includes providing a solid, stable platform or system to build upon, rather than simply adding different products and components together in a piece-meal fashion. A true systems integrator can provide a single turn-key solution that provides strategies that can be implemented to reduce operating costs, increase productivity, prolong asset life, and increase occupant safety and satisfaction

NewBotic helps develop new manufacturing process automation, industrial application, and robotic operations throughout the Northeast U.S. We identify manufacturing, warehousing, and distributions companies looking to decrease costs and bottlenecks, and increase throughput and efficiency, by expanding, streamlining, or consolidating their facilities in an effort to help U.S. businesses compete against foreign firms.

Hinge assemblyNewBotic Corporation is a very people-focused company using Collective Intelligence to improve the quality of our engineering designs to provide robotic and automation systems integration for solving complex, redundant or labor-intensive problems. Supplying expert innovation, process solutions, and engineering resources across various industrial applications is our main goal to help your company become more profitable.

Our Collective Intelligence to provide affordable 'leaps ahead' solutions includes:

  • SMART Innovation
  • SMART Manufacturing
  • SMART Resources

 New Laboratory Automation Systems


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