American Manufacturing Is Poised to Become Dominant Once Again.

Foreign Policy (3/28, Agtmael, Bakker) reports that the “glass is half full” for American manufacturing and that there are a lot of components falling in place to spur the growth of American manufacturing in the future.

Foreign Policy notes that there are many “examples of companies that have started or relaunched production in the United States” within the last few years, and that “central to this shift is a collective mix of regret and brand-new understanding” by companies on what was right and wrong with taking American jobs offshore. American manufacturers have “faced headwinds” in the past that lead to the downturn in manufacturing, but the “newest tilt in the ever-shifting sands of global competitiveness” will benefit Americans this time around. Foreign Policy says that the three factors swinging the pendulum in favor of American manufacturing are: cheap energy resulting from shale gas, fewer worries about cheap labor abroad because American productivity levels are higher and automation has made a difference, and American innovation that has seen a significant rejuvenation from universities and R&D departments.


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