American Manufacturing Is Poised to Become Dominant Once Again.

Foreign Policy (3/28, Agtmael, Bakker) reports that the “glass is half full” for American manufacturing and that there are a lot of components falling in place to spur the growth of American manufacturing in the future.

Reshoring Brings Manufacturing Back

By Mary Branham, CSG Managing Editor

When Victor Smith was running a manufacturing company, he understood the draw to move some of his operation overseas.

We got to China because our customers were demanding what were we going to do from a longer-term perspective to have low-cost manufacturing, he said.

Now that he's the secretary of commerce in Indiana, Smith understands the draw for some of those companies that were in the same situation to begin moving their operations back to the U.S.

There are a lot of reasons why people are reconsidering their manufacturing strategy, he said.

Collaborative Robots

~ Posted by Catherine Bernier on Thu, Aug 29, 2013

New Collaborative Robots are meant to work alongside humans to help them in their production tasks. This new type of industrial robots can be used to do the monotonous jobs, as well as, the ones, and are easily implemented on the production line and in the field. They make automation more accessible to small and medium size companies via their low cost. They are also synonymous with flexibility, since they adapt to any type of task with little effort. However, another important feature to consider is safety. Since robots are no longer separated from human workers, their safety features become a priority.

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